Landlord training part of quality-of-life crackdown


Lorna Marquardt, Special to the Leader

“Well done is better than well said.” — Benjamin Franklin

In several recent media reports, residents were advised the city of Shawano is taking an aggressive approach to the enforcement of ordinances that address keeping our community safe, clean and aesthetically pleasing.

Today’s article will provide relevant ordinance information. For those of you with computer access, all city ordinances can be found at

10.06 (g) Accessory parking and storage. Vehicles without current registration shall be prohibited on any public street or in any yard. No person shall park any motor truck, truck trailer, trailer, semitrailer or any other vehicle or combination of vehicles weighing more than 10,000 pounds in any residential district, except recreational vehicles or motor homes are allowed if parked in a driveway.

(h) Recreational vehicles and structures. Outside storage is permitted for not more than two of the following: building for ice fishing, mobile camp trailer, snowmobile, camper, utility trailer, boat, all-terrain vehicle and personal watercraft, provided that the above vehicles and structures are owned by the residence. NO storage is permitted in front yards, except on owner’s driveway.

(i) Motor vehicle repairs. No one shall be allowed to repair motor vehicles in any residential district, unless it is the homeowner or occupant and the work is performed on the homeowner’s or occupants personal vehicles. Repairs can be made on a personally owned hobby vehicle or racing vehicle as long as the repairs are done inside of a building, the vehicle is stored inside of a building and the work does not create a noise or visual nuisance.

(j) Signs for vehicle sales. In all residential districts, no sign advertising a motor vehicle for sale shall be allowed to be placed on a parked vehicle unless the vehicle is legally parked in the street or is parked in a driveway.

In an effort to keep rental property free from illegal activity and to ensure landlords and rental property managers know and understand the existing ordinances, a landlord training seminar will be held on July 9 from 5-8 p.m. in the City Hall Community Room. This program is being offered free of charge.

The training will be conducted by police Officers Dan Conradt and Noah Bunt. Topics include warning signs of drug activity, preparing your property/rental agreements, discovering a clandestine lab, drug and gang abatement program, and the role of the police — abatement.

Participants will receive copies of a crime-free lease addendum, landlord notification letters and a copy of the 2014 landlord-tenant guide. Attendees will learn about WI State Statutes Chapter 823 — Nuisances and Chapter 704 — Landlord and Tenant.

Officer Conradt commented, “We have had several inquiries about the training program. I believe we will have a good attendance.”

To register, interested parties can call the Shawano Police Department at 715-524-4545. Registration is not required but it would be appreciated.

Conradt continued, “We are hoping there will be a lot of questions. This program is designed to help landlords/property managers better understand the complexities and responsibilities of maintaining a safe/clean neighborhood.”

There are numerous public nuisance properties within the city; properties where nuisance occurs regularly creating a negative impact on the neighborhood.

Conradt continued, “This activity includes, but is not limited to drug use, gang activity, prostitution, disorderly conduct, battery, loitering, yard neglect, unrepaired damage to property, fire code violations, abandoned vehicles, zoning violations and city code violations. Our goal is to greatly reduce these occurrences.”

Thank you to Chief Mark Kohl and the Shawano Police Department for providing the free educational opportunity for landlords/property managers. The city of Shawano fully supports the efforts of the Police Department and all city staff who are working hard to ensure our community is safe, clean and attractive.

The answer to last week’s trivia question — What were the names of the seven barber shops located in the city in 1974? — is Brunner’s Uptown Barber Shop, Comfort Barber Shop, Ernie’s Barber Shop, Les & Pete Barber Shop, Model Barber Shop, Shorty’s Barber Shop and Tic’s Barber Shop.

This week’s question is: Can you name the seven dentists located in the city of Shawano in 1972?

Lorna Marquardt is mayor of Shawano.