Letter: GOP no longer for women's rights

To the editor:

The fact that the Republicans were the first to support the right of women to vote is true, but times have changed.

They no longer believe in equal rights for women and the principle of equal pay for equal work. Now there is resistance to paying women the same as men for the same job.

Governor Walker doesn’t want the Affordable Care Act. Because of it, women are no longer charged more for health care just because they could be pregnant. There are no pre-existing conditions with Obamacare.

Walker suppressed the right of women to make their own health care choices. Women have been forced to submit to ultrasounds before seeking abortions, and state funding has been eliminated for many of the Planned Parenthood health care centers.

Mary Burke has opposing views on these issues. She wants to see women get the same pay as men. She would make health care more affordable by accepting funding for BadgerCare, saving millions. She believes that reproductive health-care decisions should be made by families and their doctors, not politicians.

The Republican Party is not the party it used to be. Its present views are not supportive of women. Women should keep this in mind when they go to the polls in November.

Mary Arnold,