Letter: Behnke will be missed in Bonduel schools

To the editor:

The Bonduel School District had a grand celebration in honor of Dr. Peter Behnke. He is retiring after serving as the district administrator for 25 years.

On Friday, June 6, Dr. Behnke had a chance to talk to all of the employees who attended the annual end of the year breakfast in the high school/middle school commons. One of the things he did was to talk about legacies and what has been important in his many years of schooling. Before being the district administrator, Dr. Behnke taught chemistry and math classes at Niagara High School. He then moved on to become the principal of Niagara Elementary School. After finishing his educational specialist degree in school administration from Northern Michigan University, he joined us at the Bonduel School District, where he has served us well.

As Dr. Behnke talked to us about the things that mattered most, he pulled several items out of a box and talked about them. One of the items that everyone loved was when he pulled out his Menominee Maroons High School letterman’s jacket and put it on. It still fit! He talked about how important that time was for him and that he worked hard to get his letter.

He also passed on something that stuck with him from a former educator, and that was to always “look both ways.” Not only should you take this literally, but figuratively as well. Look at everything before jumping in and saying or doing something. He also cautioned us not to be afraid to step off the curb at times and go out of the box in our thoughts and actions.

On Sunday, June 8, Dr. Behnke was again honored at a gathering held at the Main Event in Cecil. At this event, various speakers joked, thanked and spoke highly of Dr. Behnke’s accomplishments for the district. There were community members, board members, retired teachers and staff, as well as current teachers and staff, and family in attendance.

Dr. Peter Behnke will be missed by all.

Thank you, Dr. Behnke, for everything you have done for the School District of Bonduel!

Mary E. Wudtke,

third-grade teacher,

Bonduel Elementary School