Letter: Clintonville overcomes Memorial Day glitches

To the editor:

Thanks to efforts by many in the community Clintonville honored its veterans on Memorial Day. The true reason for the long weekend was recognized beginning with the sirens at 7 a.m. followed by the ringing of church bells.

This year the American Legion took the lead in organizing the event. Next year the VFW will be in charge. The committee this year was Kay Kuester Doran and Greg and Tricia Rose. Mayor Magee continued to help with the event. Gary Plante took charge of lining up the parade in Olen Park. St. Martin Scouts distributed flags to everyone along Main Street.

The City Council voted for the city to provide the flags and provide the entertainment at the homecoming lunch at the Community Center following the parade at Embarrass. Don Steinbach provided tulips for table decorations. The main focus was the veterans, some marching, others riding; all recognized on this special day.

There were a few glitches: no sound system at the ceremonies. Be assured we will have back-up next year. Also Julia Fenn was announced as the soloist but a communication breakdown meant she was not present. Julia graciously agreed to be soloist next year. Our speaker ended up in Mayo Hospital, but Dan Rindt filled in at the last minute.

We added five units to the parade and look forward to even more floats and units next year. Churches, clubs and organizations, please consider entering the parade next year. If you want to help out, please contact me.

Mary-Beth Kuester,

Chair of Memorial Day 2014,