Letter: Life is not good in Wisconsin

To the editor:

According to a local radio ad, life is good in Wisconsin since Gov. Scott Walker took office. I don’t think we would all agree with that statement.

Has the debt been paid off? Hardly. During the last two budgets, the governor and legislative majority have increased borrowing for transportation. When more borrowing was done, interest rates went up. Spending too much and collecting too little in taxes leads to a budget that is out of balance.

So what about lower taxes? Unfortunately, most of us don’t see much of that. The big tax breaks have gone to the wealthy and big corporations.

Isn’t there a surplus? If there was ever a surplus, it was because of Act 10, which required public employees to pay more into their retirement fund and health insurance. This was only a short-term fix, however, and so now state aids are being cut to public schools. Some school districts are having serious financial problems and are on the verge of bankruptcy.

Obviously, life is not good in Walker’s Wisconsin. What we need is a governor who can straighten out our financial problems. Mary Burke has the business experience this challenge requires.

Jan Koch,