Letter: Dixieland band truly powerful

To the editor:

Last Saturday night (Sept. 14), the city of Shawano was treated to a fantastic, rousing musical alternative in the form of the Dairyland Dixieland Dynamos. How truly great and very awe-inspiring it was to be totally overwhelmed by seven very professionally styled student musicians led by Shawano’s own Brittany Sperberg, leading six fellow musical students from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

This group has rehearsed together for a mere five months or so, yet The Gathering was a scene of powerful Dixieland jazz, the likes of which rarely exists anymore. The DDD truly was the “band of the land” that Saturday night — no putting up with the nauseating nasal whinings of some cowboy, cowgirl or croaking karaoke pretenders of music.

By the time I head the first chorus of the first band selection, I knew instantly that all of us who gathered at The Gathering were in for a night of happy jazz, and my eyes filled with tears of happiness and glee repeatedly over the power of the performance I was experiencing. Lucky me. Lucky us who were there. Maybe again some day. Maybe.

Lady Brittany possesses showmanship, too, which perked up the band’s performance.

Brian K. Semrau