Letter: Affordable Care Act is a necessity

To the editor:

One of the most conflicting issues of Mitt Romney’s campaign was his stance on health care — and perhaps one of the reasons people with logic and common sense voted against him.

As governor, he offered health care benefits for people of his state but ranted about all people in the United States getting the same. You know, that terrible Obamacare.

Romney’s wife suffers from multiple sclerosis, a disease that requires thousands of dollars of prescription medications. So you know it’s OK for his wife to have health care benefits to take care of her ailments, but not for all people in this country. After all, why should all people have the right to get their multiple sclerosis held at bay? All people aren’t really as special as some, are they?

We realize that members of Congress who despise the Affordable Care Act (ACA) perhaps really despise the leader who insisted that health care is a need for all people in this country.

Aren’t there any constituents of Republican congressional members who want health care benefits through the ACA, none who have pleaded to stop this obstructionist nonsense because they need health care? Not special enough?

Getting health care is not like getting a new Cadillac when you could have a new Chevy. Getting health care is not like getting an exclusive penthouse when you could have a studio apartment. Getting health care is like getting a tank of oxygen when you’re being smothered in a sink hole. American’s are sinking, folks. How can people just not care?

Leone Schneidewend