Evidence building off '14 project list


An evidence storage building will either need to be funded this year or left in limbo in 2014.

The County Board finalized its capital projects list earlier this week, taking the project off a list of 15 recommended by the Capital Projects (CIP) Committee because it did not have a funding source attached to it.

The county usually taps sales tax revenue, environmental impact fees and Ho-Chunk gaming compact funds for capital projects.

Other steps are being taken to get the evidence building funded.

Administrative Coordinator Tom Madsen is working with Greenlight Grants to find grant money, and he said Greenlight representatives have hinted that Homeland Security grants could be available to pay for some or all of the building.

Madsen has scheduled a meeting Friday with Greenlight officials, County Board Chairman Jerry Erdmann, Public Safety Committee Chairman Mike McClelland and Public Property Committee Chairman Randy Young to find out more details.

The Finance Committee is looking at starting the project by putting in infrastructure — fencing, utilities and gravel paths — this year while kicking the can for funding the rest of it to a later date.

Supervisor Marlin Noffke questioned why the CIP Committee put the evidence building on the 2014 list after the board had voted in April to accept the building as a 2013 capital project.

“Why would we put in something that we’re not going to pay for, but we’re putting in as a project and the project is approved,” Noffke said. “I don’t understand what its function would be.”

Erdmann said there is no money left to tap, after the Finance Committee spent several all-day meetings gutting $1.5 million from the 2014 operating budget.

The project list as a whole had been a bone of some contention earlier this month when the Finance Committee issued a recommendation to remove several projects, including the evidence building, from the list. That was taken by the CIP Committee as an attempt to usurp its authority to recommend capital projects annually to the County Board.

Also removed from the 2014 project list were new radios for the Sheriff’s Department, as the County Board took separate action to get the radios this year.


2014 projects approved for funding by the County Board:

County sales tax revenues

• Courthouse tunnel roof replacement — $65,500.

• Resurface courthouse customer parking lot — $45,000.

• Resurface courthouse employee parking lot — $56,000.

• Remodel courthouse north entrance — $40,000.

• Land acquisition — $140,000.

Environmental impact fees

• Sand pit acquisition for Highway Department — $195,000.

• New chillers for county jail — $150,000.

• County park lighting improvements — $48,000.

• Shawano Lake Watershed Water Quality Improvement — $21,240.

• Shawano Lake Basin Shoreline Restoration — $26,250.

Ho-Chunk gaming funds

• Automobile for Social Services Department — $19,000.

• Upgrade to mobile command vehicle — $25,000.

• Lawnmower for Parks Department — $15,000.