School Notes

Contributed Photo Olga Brener Intermediate School fifth-graders participate in Youth Conservation Field Day at Navarino Nature Center.

Contributed Photo First-grader Tia Terrio was the lucky winner in a special drawing at Bowler Elementary School. Terrio received a free Bowler Elementary T-shirt and a special visit from Mr. Panther, the school’s mascot.

Shawano Community Middle School

The time is already passing quickly this school year, and we have been very busy here at SCMS.

The students have had excellent experiences with life-learning lessons in the past couple of weeks. One activity that is new this year is the biweekly homeroom lessons with math manipulatives. Not only are students experiencing hands-on mathematical instruction, but they also are being problem-solvers above all. It has been a very fun and positive experience for our students. They have been accepting the challenges and rising to the occasion. Talk to your student about these activities when you get a chance.

The eighth-grade students had the opportunity to experience time in the library to “Shop for Books.” During this experience the library tables were filled with high-interest books. The students were given the opportunity to browse the books and talk about them with their friends. The students shared their reading experiences and found books that would be very interesting for them to read. All grade levels will be shopping for books in the near future.

Our sports seasons are continuing. Tuesdays and Thursdays have been very busy with home volleyball, football and cross- country meets. Our fall sports seasons are winding down, so now would be a great time to stop by and see a game, which all begin at 4:15 p.m.

Olga Brener Intermediate School

On Thursday, Olga Brener’s fifth-grade classes participated in Youth Conservation Field Day at Navarino Nature Center. The purpose of the event was to get children outside, to introduce students to natural resource careers, to help students understand different conservation and preservation practices, and to help students develop an appreciation for the outdoors. They did this by rotating to the following stations throughout the day and participating in hands-on activities: wetlands and soils, conservation officers, forestry demonstrations and forest fire control, orienteering and surveying, wildlife and fisheries, agricultural education and alternative energy. Thank you to the following sponsors that made this event possible: Navarino Nature Center, Shawano County Land Conservation Committee, Shawano County Land Conservation Division, Shawano County Parks Department, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Natural Resource Conservation Service, University of Wisconsin-Extension and Stern Crop Consulting. It was a fun-filled day of hands-on environmental learning.

Upcoming: Sept. 27, Hansen fundraiser order and money due; Oct. 17, Hansen fundraiser delivery; Oct. 2, half day of school; Oct. 25, no school.

St. Paul Lutheran School, Bonduel

The fourth-grade class has been enjoying learning about cells. They even made “edible” examples of cells to represent the parts/jobs of cells: Jell-O for cytoplasm, grapes for chloroplasts in green Jell-O, a cherry for the nucleus, and marshmallows and gummy worms for vacuoles and mitochondria.

Students are currently working on writing letters to family and friends for this year’s Race for Education. This nonselling fundraiser has been a wonderful blessing to fund nonbudgeted items for the school. If you have family, friends or neighbors at St. Paul, watch the mail in the next week or two for a blue mailer.

Practices are well under way for this year’s Grandparents’ Day musical, “Land of the Lost & Found,” a musical encounter with the parables of the Bible. Morris, the new kid at school, is feeling scared and lost — until he finds his way to Room 316, the Lost and Found, where he steps through a biblical doorway into Luke 15. Guided by a special compass, Morris sees the parables spring to life in drama and song. The audience and students alike will never forget the key lesson: When you’re feeling lost, you can find your confidence in Jesus. He is our son-powered compass, and he will always lead us home. The public is invited to the free parent/public performance at 6:30 p.m. Oct. 9.