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Letter: Teen is wise to understand importance of bees

To the editor:

Kudos to Mitch Froemming, the Hartland teen working with bees on the family farm.

Without bees we would have ho food from fruit to milk. No longer are there enough wild bees for pollination. This actually has been a problem for many years. We depend on bee keepers’ efforts, which have turned into a big business, for their services to farmers, orchardists, etc. for bees to pollinate the crops.

In recent years there has been a health problem for bees, with many hives dying off. Studies have been done, including looking at heavy use of pesticides, among other problems.

I laud young Mitch for his bee raising interest and encourage him to keep it up, and also urge all who like to eat to make themselves knowledgeable of bee pollination importance.

Gerry L. Stephens